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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Providing phonics support to your child

Do I have to teach phonics? In order for a child to read they must acquire a combination of skills.

  • Reading comprehension- The most important and first reading lesson a child should understand when learning to read is that words convey meaning.
  • Mastery of high frequency words- Words such as a, the, then, them, and they make up around 70% of what we read. They cannot be sounded out and must be memorized.
  • Phonics- letter knowledge and the sounds individual and combinations of letters together make
  • Phonemic Awareness- Being able to tell the difference between letter sounds combinations
  • Fluency- The speed and accuracy directly impacting comprehension of text

When is the best time to teach phonics?

The best time to teach any skill is through an experience or in context while reading.

Review the rule with a short lesson using a song, game, discussion, or story.

  • Encourage your child to be a brave reader when reading and sound out unfamiliar words in context that are not high frequency words (see above).
  • Create a story, song, or physical connection to remember a sound rule. It might sound silly but any while reading connection you can provide will help your child remember and use it the next time they encounter the same letter(s)/sound combination rule.

Got any phonics rule songs, stories, or discussions you want to share?

We thought you would never ask! Teach your child the vowel sounds , remember what happens when two vowels get together, the silent e and long vowel rule, and a visual to remember the difference between b and d?

Is there anything else? We want to hear from you? What do you do to promote beginning literacy in your homes? The best ideas are those we share with others.

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