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Monday, December 20th, 2010

What reading goals do you have for 2011?

Set family reading goals

What do we mean? We all start the new year with intentions to read more.  Right? Why not share reading goals as a family? Push each other to accomplish reading goals together.

How? Discuss reading goals as a family before the new year and write them down. The act of sharing can become that positive force to help everyone accomplish their reading goal this year.

Examples: I'd like to read 10 New York Times best sellers this year.

Anything else? Revisit family reading goals several times throughout the year and discuss the progress you've made towards accomplishing them. The more we engage in family reading habit discussions the closer everyone will be pushed to accomplish their goals.

Share: Success stories? We want to hear!

Parents: Do you have a new reader ready to start to love the literacy process today? Stepping Stones Together has the program!

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