Learning the abc's

Monday, February 14th, 2011

How do you teach the abc’s?

Sing It- The abc song is infectious.

Put a new beat on an old favorite to get your child laughing and engaged.

Have your child help you come up with a new tune to the old favorite or have fun teaching your child with the suggestions below.

  • Sing it slow
  • Sing it fast
  • Sing it with a hand movement
  • Sing it with a dance
  • Sing it in unison
  • Sing it loud
  • Sing it softly

Books- There are some great abc books out there. The Wrigley Field from A to Z book is one of my son’s favorite, being from Chicago and a CUBS fan. He loves to read it while we sing the abc song.

Here are two other favorites we enjoy to learn the letters in the alphabet.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Dr. Seuss's ABCs

Letter of the week- Your whole family can get involved in creating meals, decorations, songs, and games.

  • Most importantly create a letter of the week book.
  • Have your child create a book representing artifacts he/she chooses representative of the letter of the week.
  • You do not have to buy things for this activity. It is better to use what you have around the house to show your child that reading and letters are around them all the time and not special additions.
  • Read the letter of the week books from prior weeks to reinforce the letters learned. Connecting letters to the meaningful experiences your child has had with them will help them retain their newly acquired knowledge.

Read- Daily reading leads to academic achievement

  • Read to your child every day.
  • Encourage your child to read to you even if he/she is telling the story through the illustrations or a book they have memorized.
  • Have your child finish sentences, point to letters, and share the sounds letters make in words.

Got alphabet ideas? We want to hear them! Please share your ideas for teaching the alphabet with us. The more we share the more we learn.

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