1 Minute Weekly Reading Tips

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Do you want to help motivate your child into becoming a voracious reader?

Take Inventory

What do we mean? All children have interests and most likely there is a book in your local library or book store waiting for him/her to dive into with your help.

We’ve got tips on getting started? Generate a question list incorporating ways to get your child to share their interests with you.

Examples: favorite sport, famous person you’d like to meet, place you’d like to visit, activity you’ve never done before and would like to try!

Anything else? Continue to do this again and again. The more you expose the more your child will read. The more your child reads varying and engaging books the more they will become voracious readers.

Share: Success stories? We want to hear!

Parents: Do you have a new reader ready to start to love the literacy process today? Stepping Stones Together has the program!

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