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Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

What to do to promote literacy with toddlers

Is reading a story at bedtime enough? Reading to your child anytime will make a difference in their literacy development. Studies have confirmed that having books in your home will make a difference to your child’s reading success.

Open to new literacy idea? Use music, dance, books your child loves, art projects, various textures to create and bond over the letters and sounds. My favorite activity is to create a letter of the week or day as a family challenge for all.  Everyone participates in a the fun by eating foods, developing a letter book, labeling things around the house, creating a letter song, and just doing activities whenever possible focusing on a given letter. The more a family bonds over literacy and creates memorable experiences the stronger a child’s dedication to literacy will become.

Is there anything else? We want to hear from you? What do you do to promote beginning literacy in your homes? The best ideas are those we share with others.

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