The Course

The Importance of High Frequency Words

The Stepping Stones Together program focuses on popular children themed stories, which utilize 220 high-frequency words and 95 nouns. Reading experts agree that children need to learn these words in order to become beginning readers.


Studies indicate that these high-frequency words make up between 58-75% of all words in children's books. Early readers often reach frustration thresholds before learning how to read due to their struggle with high-frequency words.

Research suggests that in order to master beginning reading skills these words need to be learned and practiced in an enjoyable and high-interest context.(Click here to read about the importance of high interest in beginning reading)

With Stepping Stones Together, the reader is free to choose!

We provide an abundance of popular children's story themes for you to select from to make your child's beginning reading experience fun.

Text Illustration Support

We link illustrations to the text to enable new readers to be highly successful.

Coloring Books

Our program intentionally uses black and white illustrations to provide children with a personal connection to each story, allowing them to bring their own color to the tales.


The program deliberately uses large font sizes and more spacing between words to provide children the additional support they need to develop automatic print awareness.

These skills are comprised of understanding the following:

  • Reading is done from left to right.
  • Words are made up of letters that go together.
  • There are spaces between words.

Incentive Program

We all appreciate when our efforts are recognized. Stepping Stones Together believes children deserve recognition for being brave readers!

We provide parents with a personalized behavior chart to record their child's daily reading progress. It is conveniently located on every personalized homepage.

Parents should print out this chart to record daily progress. Additionally, a certificate will become available to print upon completion of a series.

Additional Support

Stepping Stones Together knows that your child will fall in love with our uniquely crafted thematic characters. We encourage you to peruse our GAMES, which include easy to use instructions to help your child gain speed on their road to early reading success! These games can be completed whenever TIME is available and an interest is there.

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