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Learning from silence


My name is Erika and I am a compulsive and loud talker. It feels weird to write that since I haven’t spoken in 10 days. You read that right. I’m even a little afraid I’ll sound different or nothing … (continue reading)

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Learning to read through games

Games lead to learning

Children learn best through play.  Learning to read should always incorporate this principle. The Stepping Stones Together games are designed to help children connect the importance of learning to read with everything they do including playing … (continue reading)

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Parent Involvement: You are their first teacher. What will you teach?

Parent Involvement

There is no magic pill or one stop method. Parent involvement takes a lifetime of dedication. We have committed educators thankfully on our sides. By trade and passion they bring us motivational techniques, inspiration and perseverance in our … (continue reading)

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Parent and teacher conferences: Are you prepared

Parent/teacher conferences are right around the corner. These 15-30 minutes conferences are designed to give parents/caregivers/teachers the opportunity to discuss every child’s academic, social/emotional and physical development. Do you know what to expect during your meeting(s)? What questions may help … (continue reading)

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Parent Involvement: Where are you on the spectrum?

The parent involvement balance is something most parents struggles with when raising their children.  Expert opinions on parent involvement are often hard to take if not aligned with our core beliefs about child rearing.  Quality time differs from family … (continue reading)

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Reading a picture book has become obsolete

Technology has its advantages in motivating us to learn more, think differently, and reach new heights in understanding and experiencing all the world has to offer. However, should we forgo the gift to our senses that a newspaper, magazine, favorite … (continue reading)

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Learning to read should be affordable for all children

We have an educational achievement gap in the United States that occurs before children enter the Kindergarten classroom. Adults today according to research are not reading. How do we expect our children to want to read?

Research continues to … (continue reading)

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Top 5 back to school routines: 2011 secrets to school success!

The long days of summer have been replaced by the cool morning winds of Fall way before the official end of summer! Most children have begun their school year routine whether it be Pre-school, elementary, Junior high or beyond! It … (continue reading)

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Tips to avoid summer learning loss

The dog days of summer are finally here! It is even starting to feel a lot like summer outside. I just recently washed and put the winter jackets away. It won’t get below 50 during the summer in Chicago right? … (continue reading)

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Summer learning loss- Can we stop it?

Summer learning loss is a reality

Not only do children lose 3 months of reading skills out of 12 during the summer but without some guidance reading alone will not slow this decline.

10 ways to help your child improve(continue reading)

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