Is your child ready for Stepping Stones Together?

Children are ready to read at all different ages. Some children that are 4 or 5 may not be ready to read just yet, while others are within that age group. Below are ways to interpret if your child will benefit from Stepping Stones Together.

  • Your child should know their alphabet out of order to begin the Stepping Stones Together curriculum. Please click here to check that your child can identify both upper and lower case letters out of alphabetical order.
  • Your child should know most of the sounds each letter of the alphabet can make. Knowing the various irregular sounds that vowels make is not necessary. Please click here to check that your child has a basic understanding of the sounds a letter can make.
  • Your child should show signs of wanting to learn how to read.  They might re-tell their favorite story, having either memorized it or by using their own words.
  • Your child should have some understanding of print awareness and that words are comprised of letters, reading is done from left to right and that spaces indicate new words.

If you answered YES to the above your child is ready to begin the Stepping Stones Together program!

Click here to teach your child to read in 90 days.