Sound Test

You can use the links below, or to the right to download and print your copy of the Sounds Identification Check Sheet.

Using the Sounds Identification Check Sheet:

  1. Print out 2 copies of this Beginning Letter Sounds Identification Check Sheet.
  2. Have your child put their finger on each picture.
  3. Ask your child what they see in the picture.
  4. Tell your child what they are looking at if they cannot identify it.
  5. Ask your child to tell you what the first letter is and the sound it makes for each picture.
    For example, This is a bat. The first letter is a b. It makes a bu sound.
  6. Circle any letters in which your child cannot identify the sound it makes on the Beginning Letter Sounds Identification Sheet.
  7. Review the beginning sounds missed on this check with your child.

Download the Sounds Identification Check Sheet