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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Thank you everyone for your support going to the website and checking out what Stepping Stones Together has to offer. Please share your comments and feedback using the testimonials link. If you have links and/or discussion items which other Stepping Stones Together members might benefit from feel free to share them here on the blog, on the Facebook website, and using Twitter.

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    Ellie Says:

    Thanks to Stepping Stones Together, my daughter has absolute enthusiasm for reading. She runs around spelling words and proudly reads her Stepping Stones books. It’s only been a week and there’s a noticeable difference in her reading abilities. She loved designing her own personal book with her name on the cover. She’ll proudly announce daily a new word she learned and how to spell it. Then she will sit and write the word over and over because she feels as though she accomplished something. It’s like a light went off. I highly recommend the program. As a mom who likes to work with her children, it’s very rewarding to see your child feeling so prideful when learning, reading, and writing. Thank you!

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    guest Says:

    Stepping Stones Together is a very family friendly program that is easy to use. The program is geared toward interests in children’s literature, incorporates writing, comprehension and critical thinking skills. Children and parents can keep track of their progress and skill building and are positively rewarded for their success with their own certificate after the completion of each level. The graphics are kid friendly and helpful checklists are provided for parents to assess their child’s reading readiness with the Alphabet and Sound identification sheets. Not to mention that children can personalize their own library of books with their own coloring. This program is very affordable and a great family activity to do together To foster an appreciation of Reading, a child must be provided with opportunities to read which will ensure their future success in school and as lifelong learners. This program encompasses those opportunities and allows the parents to ignite the PASSION for Reading at a very early age.

    Cheryl Wrobel
    Special Education Teacher
    River Grove, illinois

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