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Don’t Miss ‘Chicago’s Very Own’ Live Coverage of Stepping Stones Together!

Stepping Stones Together has been working hard to empower parents and caregivers with the resources to help their young children with early literacy skills. A big thanks to all our patrons, company partners, and the wonderful bloggers who have … (continue reading)

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Top 5 Tips for Reading Comprehension

Top 5 Necessary Steps for Kindergarten- 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

I’ve been there! It may seem like an eternity of frustration, taking steps forwards and back, but eventually our children become readers. Unfortunately, not enough emphasis is placed on understanding … (continue reading)

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Top 5 Reading Games for Young Children

Children love to play games. Learning to read should begin and continue to include games to encourage a child’s enthusiasm for the reading process and build connections between what they know and learn.
1. Label it! - The best way … (continue reading)

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Top 5 Ways to Help Kids Think While They Read

We live in a world where reading a book is no longer a top past time among children by choice. Reading a book for pure enjoyment is a pleasure most children do not relish in unless the internet is down. … (continue reading)

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Starting the School Year Right!

You too will be going back to school sometime in the next few weeks if you have a child entering or returning to school.

Many parents feel overwhelmed. Others feel elated imagining the possibilities and opportunities palpably available to their … (continue reading)

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Help your child with a memorable connection to short vowel sound patterns

Your child should be attempting to sound out the beginning and endings of words in the Stepping Stones Together Program with assistance

The beginning reading process will have its share of bumps along the way. As children master sight words … (continue reading)

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Stepping Stones Together Company Reviews!


From the moment I met Dr. Burton, I instantly saw her passion and determination to help parents help their children love reading. Stepping Stones Together engages families with practical and affordable literacy activities. The materials are … (continue reading)
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