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This summer take a break from brushing your teeth


This is ridiculous right? Would you ever allow your child the option to choose if they wanted to brush their teeth instead of helping them with this hygienic necessity twice or more daily? Your local dentist might appreciate your … (continue reading)

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Top Family Vacation Idea: Teach, Bond, and Create Memories

This weekend I was fortunate enough to vacation with my husband. This unfortunately happens infrequently! We stepped away from our busy lives leaving technology, work, and kids behind to rekindle our relationship as a couple driving to a part of … (continue reading)

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Help your child with a memorable connection to short vowel sound patterns

Your child should be attempting to sound out the beginning and endings of words in the Stepping Stones Together Program with assistance

The beginning reading process will have its share of bumps along the way. As children master sight words … (continue reading)

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